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Brief Introduction of Hainan state Nantian Farm

Hainan state Nantian Farm is situated in the east gate of Sanya city, back on the east Haiyu highway, 228km away from Haikou city, 22km to Sanya city. Nantian Farm was founded in January 1952, there is nearly 200,000mu existing total area of land, the total population is about 30,000, of which 4138 are active employees, retired employees nearly 5,000 people, which is a comprehensive state-owned large enterprises, based on rubber, mango, tropical high-efficiency agriculture, spa tourism, tropical agriculture tourism, real estate and other projects.
Nantian Farm has made significant contributions to the country and has won awards of the State Council order. In the late 1980s, became the first destitute farm of the five Hainan State Farms, one of the top ten poor farms. Since 1992, the new leadership of Nantian Farm has been leading the cadres and workers, based on Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" and the guidance of scientific concept of development, adhere to the development as top priority, carrying forward the spirit of daring to envision, speak, break path, act, fight and win, going through what the predecessors have never gone, doing what the predecessors have never done, innovating the system, mechanism and business mode, strengthening the reform, energetically adjusting industrial and economic structure and enlarging the opening to the outside world, taking the Development Zone of Nantian Hotspring, “No.1 Hotspring in the Divine Land” as the lead to form a new industry layout of "one-city-five-land" (48 square kilometers of
Sanya Nantian’s tropical spa town of No.1 Hotspring in the Divine Land, 30,000mu rubber base, 3000mu tropical agricultural breeding technology base, 40,000mu high-quality mango demonstration base, 8000mu pollution-free agricultural off-season vegetable base and processing base.)and multiple economic structure to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and increase the income of the employees continuously. Gross domestic product in 2010 reached 350 million yuan, up more than 20 million yuan in 1992, 16.5 times,Social output value 869 million yuan, 40 million yuan more than in 1992 increased by 20.7 times; Income of 40,976 yuan per labor workers, more than 1,873 yuan in 1992, an increase of 20.9 times the Hainan Reclamation Region for 9 consecutive years, ranking first.

To guide and encourage employees to become prosperous and reach well-off society, farm proposed the "Three Ones"(a vegetable garden, a group of three birds, an orchard) in the poverty reduction goals and the "four" (an industry, a building, a car, a share) well-off target. Currently, workers have self-built more than 4,000 "Mango Houses", nearly 300 workers have achieved the "four" well-off target.

The Rich Nantian people fully take the organizational, scientific and technological advantages of state-owned enterprises, and "Shenquan" Mango " Fruit King of China", " Fruit queen of China " of the brand, to play a leading role model. Nantian Farm formed scientific and technological pair of poverty alleviation with State-level poor counties-Lingshui County and Baoting County, promoting the development of surrounding masses, and let the Nantian’s reform and development results benefit the surrounding population. In February 2006, Nantian successfully entered the World Mango Organization. In 2010, Nantian successfully held in Ninth World Mango Forum.

Commitment to the determined reform since 1992, scientific development and harmonious development, Nantian has turned into the state model enterprise from a poor business, and has become a banner of Hainan State Farms and even the whole country. JiangZemin, JiaQinglin, Zeng Qinghong, Li Changchun, WeiJianxing, more than 44 the party and state leaders, 189 provincial-level leaders have been to Nantian study in succession and highly praised the Nantian’s reform and development. Nantian has honorably won 18 state-level golden medals awarded by the state council including the “National Model Group for the Unity and Advancement of nationalities”, “National May 1 Labor Diploma”, “National agricultural modernization demonstration farm”, “National science and education and sustainable development in agriculture through comprehensive demonstration counties(farms)”, “National key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises” and so on.

March 2011

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