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Shenquan valley hot spring park ... first spring in China

With the fame of “first spring in China”, the Shenquan valley hot spring park is located at Sanya Nantian hot spring town, which still reserved the marvelous sight of the only visible bubbling spring in the town for the tourists. The average water temperature is 57.6 Degrees Celsius, belonging to the low temperature warm mineral water, and concerned experts of China Mineral Deposit Committee and Ministry of Health have make the appraisal that, the hot spring water is rich in carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, metasilicic acid, lithium, strontium, hydrogen, manganese, zinc, fluorine and other gas and mineral beneficial to human body, among which the fluorine content is 2.04-7.7/L, metasilicic acid content 68.5-117.5mg/L, achieving the naming mineral water density standard, and the radon content of 44.36-59.86Bq/ has achieved the density standard of medical value, therefore the spring also belongs to the fluorine-silicon medical and mineral hot spring.
Shenquan valley is one hot spring park full of tropics and foreign character and style, being first ecology original forest type SPA spring in Hainan Province. The park occupies 20 Chinese acres, having altogether 55 spring ponds of various kinds, and the rich hot spring resources shall make you feel tender and at ease, after immersion, the skin shall become extraordinary neat and smooth, this being the irresistible charm of the natural hot spring.
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