The Clubhouse
The Clubhouse
The Tenacious Ox

The Mystic Springs clubhouse was designed by Singaporean Artist, Mr Tan Teck Heng. The clubhouse comprises a total area of 10,800 square meters. The exterior of the building structure is like an ox lying amongst mountains, facing the East China Sea and looking towards the horizon. An ox in Hainan’s culture is a symbol of fulfilment and sincerity and at the same time it also reflects the hardworking and down-to-earth attitude that man possesses in life, always determined and dedicated towards one’s visions and goals. The materials used are selected with particular care. For example black ‘dragon scale’ tiles are used to form the roof of the club’s main entrance, which curves upwards to symbolize the long horns of the ox dancing and waving in the air, making the image of the building alive and full of energy. As for the walls which represent the ‘body’ of the ox, it is painted with colours and textures that reflect the local Li clan’s culture and simple style, without losing its grandeur. The buildings’ interior and exterior design incorporates traditional flavor as well as modern designs, allowing guests to experience the tradition and cultures of Hainan, yet be able to feel the energetic vibes of the modern society we live in today. This is the beautiful interpretation of the local culture which the designer has towards Hainan.

The Artist

Mr Tan Teck Heng began to learn the art of drawing and painting since young. He possesses a deep knowledge in the arts and has held personal art exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Holland, Macau and other countries and regions. Due to his understanding and passion for the arts, his creative designs extend to various areas which include planning, architecture, landscape and interior design. In the early 1990s, Mr Tan came to China and helped to preside over the planning and design works of Shanghai Sun Island Resort. In 1995, he took upon the role of Chief Designer and designed Yunnan Lijiang Dongba Dynasty Hotel, allowing the hotel to evolve into a local unique national pride of Yunnan. This not only became a milestone project, but it also created a beautiful tourist destination for all over the world.
In the recent years, Mr Tan and his creative team came to Hainan and took part in the planning and design of many various cultural projects, including Hainan Sanya Nantian Shenquan Hot Spring Spa Resort, Hao Han Po Gloria International Hotel Resort, Mango Innovation Base and Meng Quan Yuan Hot Spring Resort, as well as many other tourist attractions and housing properties.

From a design point of view, Mr Tan has distinct and creative concepts which successfully combine the cultural and historical aspects of the area to develop artistic designs with ethnic cultural characteristics. His designs allow the project to exude uniqueness yet also be able to gel well with the geographical features of the area. This reflects the respect and worship that he has towards the local culture. As some say, “The President is elected by the people, while an Artist is selected by God”. After viewing his designs and projects, Mr Tan hopes that everyone would be able to understand his feelings for China and the passion he has for music, art, landscape designs and most importantly, the constant notion of care and humanity that he and his team values. This spurs the professionalism of him and his team, and is set as their business philosophy.
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