The Clubhouse

Who would ever believe that a restaurant in such a place will have such an ethereal and peaceful feel to it? Low profile-looking white and coffee-coloured walls cover the area, with pools of still water lies along the external corridors, reflecting all matters like a piece of glass. Sitting in the restaurant, you will be able to view the entire vast area of the golf course and looking ahead, the mountains afar seem to have a huge Chinese character 佛 (which means “Buddha”), hidden within. These colours are not chosen by coincidence or random selections. It is chosen with thought, to create abstract art and bring on a style that reflects our individuality.
Some love to enjoy a cup of coffee alone or indulge in chats with their friends over a pot of fragrant tea, while some others enjoy tasting local delights with the special local homemade rice wine offered at our restaurant. Of course, red wine or iced wine are not a bad company to our local dishes too! The original Hainan Chicken Rice is one of the four famous dishes of Hainan, and our Mango Chicken is such a mouth-watering dish that you wished you had more. The restaurant insists on using only the best ingredients, with local cuisines as our main dishes. Each dish is carefully selected and prepared by our Chefs, that regardless if it is the main course or soup, we make each customer’s health our priority, and ensure that all dishes are healthy and beneficial.

With such an artistic and beautiful environment surrounding us, we may lose track of time. As time slowly ticks away, the mood remains peaceful and still.
Heading North from Sanya, walking along the shore line, the warm sunshine and clear waters washes away one’s worries and leaves a new meaning in our hearts. With the tropical forestation surrounding the hot spring, it brings about a mysterious and romantic atmosphere, allowing one to experience mystic springs wholeheartedly. Alternatively, the mountain and land, the water and sunshine, will also interweave and bring out the best experience for you.
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